Online Sermons

2020-03-22 Lorna Laister: The man born blind

2020-03-29 Gordon Green: Waiting and Weeping

2020-04-05 Gill Khoury: Jesus Friend of Losers

2020-04-12 Chris Khoury: Footwashing and Communion 2020

2020-04-12 Gordon Green: Raised To New Life

2020-04-19 Chris Khoury: Blessed are the doubters

2020-04-26 Rosen Ndlela: Meeting a Resurrected Jesus

2020-04-26 Gill Khoury: Emmaus, Jerusalem

2020-05-03 Gladman Ncokazi: The Shepherd

2020-05-10 Gordon Green: Don't wait for the Mansion in the Sky

2020-05-17 Chris Khoury: The Comforter

2020-05-24 Lorna Laister: The Glory of God

2020-05-31 Gill Khoury: Living Under the Influence

Gill Khoury: Living Under The Influence

2020-06-07 Gordon Green: You are invited to the party

2020-06-14 Chris Khoury: The Laughter Promise

2020-06-21 Tim Maguire: You are never alone



2020-06-28 Lorna Laister: Here I am

2020-07-05 Gordon Green: The Bulldog is Dead

2020-07-12 Johannes Maree: Parables

2020-07-19 Gill Khoury: Parable of the weeds

2020-07-26 Chris Khoury: The promises of God

2020-08-02 Thabo Mahasha: God cares for you

2020-08-09 Dawid Labuschagne: Unlikely Heroes

2020-08-16 Gill Khoury: The Knockout Blow

2020-08-23 Lorna Laister: Who is Jesus for me

2020-08-30 Gordon Green: True Discipleship

2020-09-06 Chris Khoury: Put on Christ

2020-09-13 Gill Khoury: Forgiveness. Free but not cheap

2020-09-20 Caleb Makhela Snr: Paul's Perspective

2020-09-27 Gordon Green: Grasping our Identity

2020-10-04 Chris Khoury: To Know Jesus

2020-10-11 Gill Khoury: Not all feasts are good feasts

2020-10-18 Chris Khoury: An ever present help

2020-10-25 Gordon Green: Sharing is caring

2020-11-01 Hannie Maree: All Saints Day

2020-11-08 Gordon Green: Hope and Promises

2020-11-15 Chris Khoury: Parable of the talents

2020-11-22 Gill Khoury: Where will you find Jesus

2020-11-29 Lorna Laister: Wait Watch Work

2020-12-06 Gordon Green: Word of Comfort

2020-12-13 Chris Khoury: Jesus brings peace

2020-12-20 Thabo Mahasha: You are highly favoured

2021-01-03 Chris Khoury: Words Matter

2021-01-10 Gordon Green: Jesus immerses himself in our story

2021-01-17 Gill Khoury: Have you ever thought about your calling?

2021-01-24 Lorna Laister: My life matters

2021-01-31 Gordon Green: God at work

2021-02-07 Gill Khoury: Setting the stage

2021-02-14 Chris Khoury: Transfiguration

2021-02-21 Lorna Laister: Wild Animals and Angels

2021-02-28 Gordon Green: Refined discipleship

2021-03-07 Ndate Magwaza: The Price of Salvation

2021-03-14 Bob Klynsmith: We are God's masterpiece

2021-03-21 Lorna Laister: Why do we want to see Jesus?

2021-03-28 Gordon Green: Risky Love

2021-04-02 Gill Khoury: Good Friday Service

2021-04-04 Chris Khoury: Resurrection Sunday

2021-04-11 Gill Khoury: Pigs Might Fly

2021-04-18 Lorna Laister: Jesus' resurrection becomes a real

2021-04-25 Gordon Green: The Beautiful Sheperd

2021-05-02 Chris Khoury: Phillip

2021-05-09 Gill Khoury: A Radical Choice

2021-05-16 Lorna Laister: Jesus prays for us

2021-05-23 Gordon Green: The Consuming Fire

2021-05-30 Ndate Magwaza: Trinity Sunday

2021-06-06 Chris Khoury: Where is your umbrella?

2021-06-13 Gordon Green: Image isn't everything

2021-06-20 Lorna Laister: Healthy Christians make healthy churches

2021-06-27 Gill Khoury: A cry from the Heart

2021-07-04 Chris Khoury: Worship in a time of trial

2021-07-11 Gordon Green: The Choice, The Plan, The Inheritance

2021-07-18 Mandondo Mgwaba: Compassion

2021-07-25 Gill Khoury: The Giant that slew David

2021-08-01 Chris Khoury: Love in the body

2021-08-08 Gill Khoury: Has God left South Africa?

2021-08-15 Lorna Laister: Take Care How You Walk

2021-08-29 Chris Khoury: The Crucial Gap

2021-09-05 Ndate Magwaza: Discrimination

2021-09-12 Gordon Green: The extraordinary in the ordinary

2021-09-26 Chris Khoury: Prayer in community

2021-10-03 Chris Khoury: Crowned with glory

2021-10-10 Gordon Green: Impossible

2021-10-17 Lorna Laister: How can we see?

2021-10-24 Mandondo Mgwaba: The high priest

2021-10-31 Gill Khoury: No leaves home unless...

2021-11-07 Gordon Green: Shame and Blame

2021-11-14 Chris Khoury: Watch

2021-11-21 Lorna Laister: Truth Encounter

2021-11-28 Gill Khoury: Why wait?

2021-12-05 Gordon Green: Is Seeing Believing?

2021-12-12 Chris Khoury: In that day

2022-01-02 Lorna Laister: A new beginning

2022-01-16 Gill Khoury: When the wine ran out

2022-01-23 Ndate Magwaza: The promises of God are true

2022-01-30 Mandondo Mgwaba: The Lord's favour doesn't play favourites

2022-02-05 Chris Khoury: Called to What?

2022-02-13 Gill Khoury: You can't eat your cake and have it

2022-02-27 Lorna Laister: The TRANSFIGURATION

2022-03-06 Gordon Green: Jesus and the Devil's Good Ideas

2022-03-13 Chris Khoury: The Lord is my Light

2022-03-20 Mandondo Mgwaba: Repent or Perish

2022-03-27 Gill Khoury: SARS versus The Loving Father

2022-04-03 Chris Khoury: The Discipline of Extravagant

2022-04-10 Gordon Green: The donkey and Me

2022-04-15 Chris Khoury: The Passion Good Friday

2022-04-17 Ndate Magwaza: He's risen

2022-04-24 Mandondo Mgwaba: Breaking the chains of fear

2022-05-01 Gordon Green: A New Dawn

2022-05-08 Gill Khoury: Ordinary People

2022-05-15 Chris Khoury: All things new

2022-05-22 Lorna Laister: The Kingdom of God on earth

2022-05-29 Ndate Magwaza: Trusting God when we cannot trace Him

2022-06-05 Chris Khoury: Simon Says

2022-06-12 Gill Khoury: The Trinity Revealed

2022-06-19 Elmar Roberg: Elijah

2022-06-26 Chris Khoury: Follow Me

2022-07-10 Lorna Laister: Who is my neighbour?

2022-07-17 Gill Khoury: The One Thing

2022-07-24 Chris Khoury: Spiritual Fullness in Christ

2022-07-31 Gordon Green: The Desire to Acquire

2022-08-07 Chris Khoury: The blessings of an invisible God

2022-08-14 Gordon Green: Run Christian Run!!!

2022-08-21 Gill Khoury: Straight to the healing

2022-08-28 Lorna Laister: Table Manners

2022-09-04 Chris Khoury: Your Choice

2022-09-11 Gordon Green: Lost And Found

2022-09-18 Gill Khoury: Shrewd Steward

2022-09-25 Lorna Laister: Lazarus and The Rich Man

2022-10-02 Ndate Magwaza: Faithfulness

2022-10-09 Gordon Green: The Grateful Samaritan

2022-10-16 Chris Khoury: The illusive challenge sermon

2022-10-23 Gill Khoury: A tale of two prayers

2022-10-30 Mandondo Mgwaba: Seek, See and Save

2022-11-06 Chris Khoury: Start eating garlic

2022-11-13 Chris Khoury: Temple Glory

2022-11-20 Gordon Green: The King Who Saves

2022-11-27 Ndate Magwaza: Remaining watchful for the second coming

2022-12-04 Lorna Laister: Repentance and Hope

2022-12-11 Gordon Green: A Song of Joy

2022-12-18 Gill Khoury: God with us

2022-12-25 Lorna Laister: True Peace

2023-01-01 Ndate Magwaza: We have been called to proclaim Jesus's name

2023-01-08 Gordon Green: Baptism of Jesus

2023-01-15 Chris Khoury: God is Faithful

2023-01-22 Gill Khoury: Disagreement or Division

2023-01-29 Mandondo Magwaba: The Beatitudes

2023-02-05 Chris Khoury: Happy are those who fear

2023-02-12 Gordon Green: People Matter

2023-02-19 Lorna Laister: The Transfiguration

2023-02-26 Gill Khoury: A Matter of Choice

2023/03/05 Chris Khoury: Children of Abraham

2023-03-12 Ryan Ahlgrim: Jesus is the Rock

2023-03-19 Chris Khoury: The Man Born Blind

2023-03-26 Ndate Magwaza: We shall live in God and through God

2023-04-02 Lorna Laister: Great Minds Think Alike

2023-04-09 Gordon Green: New Hope

2023-04-16 Chris Khoury: You gotta serve somebody!!

2023-04-23 Lorna Laister: Living as Exiles

2023-04-30 Mandondo Mgwaba: The good shepherd and suffering sheep

2023-05-07 Gordon Green: Entering His Wonderful Light

2023-05-14 Lorna Laister: What not to say

2023-05-21 Chris Khoury: Jesus Final Prayer

2023-06-04 Gordon Green: Trinity Sunday

2023-06-09 Gill Khoury: Called to what?

2023-06-18 Lorna Laister: Like Master, like disciple

2023-06-25 Chris Khoury: Be Who You Are

2023-07-02 Gill Khoury: The Apprentice

2023-07-09 Mandondo Mgwaba: The Great Invitation to Rest in Jesus Christ

2023-07-15 Chris Khoury: No more sin

2023-07-23 Jim Somerville: Overcoming Evil With Good

2023-07-30 Richard Voelz: The Parables

2023-08-06 Chris Burton: Wrestling Genesis

2023-08-13 Gill Khoury: Discipleship - The Easy Yoke

2023-08-20 Mandondo Mgwaba: The Faith of an Outcast

2023-08-27 Ndate Magwaza: Who is Christ to us and who are we in Christ

2023-09-03 Jim Somerville: From Solid Rock to Stumbling Block

2023-09-10 Chris Khoury: Love your neighbour

2023-09-24 Jim Somerville: The Vineyard

2023-10-01 Mandondo Mgwaba: Who does God's will

2023-10-08 Bob Klynesmith: Open the eyes of my heart

2023-10-15 Chris Khoury: One Mind

2023-10-22 Chris Khoury: Lessons from an Introduction

2023-10-29 Michael Reninger: Jesus asks us to do the impossible

2023-11-05 Richard Voelz: Jesus faces the Pharisees again

2023-11-12 Lorna Laister: Lessons from the checkout queue

2023-11-19 Gill Khoury: Thessalonians - A message of encouragement

2023-11-26 Ndate Magwaza: Christ The King

2023-12-03 Chris Khoury: Hope

2023-12-31 R.C. Sproul: Song of Simeon

2024-01-07 Lorna Laister: Why Was Jesus Baptised?

2024-01-14 R.C. Sproul: The Story of Nathanael

2024-01-21 Mandondo Mgwaba: When Jesus Calls

2024-01-28 Chris Khoury: Aha

2024-02-04 Lorna Laister: Jesus tells us why He came

2024-02-11 Gill Khoury: How big is your God?

2024-02-18 Chris Khoury: The prayer experience

2024-02-25 Ndate Magwaza: A covenant with God

2024-03-03 Lorna Laister: Jesus shows compassion

2023-03-10 Gill Khoury: Snakes

2024-03-17 Chris Khoury: Psalm 51

2024-03-24 Mandondo Mgwaba: What would Jesus ride?

2024-04-07 Gill Khoury: Blessed are those who believe

2024-04-14 Chris Khoury: Easter changes everything

2024-04-21 Mandondo Mgwaba: Practical Love

2024-05-05 Gill Khoury: Abide

2024-05-12 Mandondo Mgwaba: Where can we find the Ascended Lord?

2024-05-26 Gill Khoury: The Mystery of God