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2020/04/05 Takalani Musekwa: A Secret to Greatness

A Secret to Greatness Phil. 2:5-11

2020/04/09 Takalani Musekwa: Lord's Supper Service - Submission Revisited

Lord's Supper Service - Submission Revisited

2020/04/10 Takalani Musekwa: The Three Crosses

The Three Crosses

2020/04/12 Gordon Green: What does the Resurrection mean to you?

What does the Resurrection mean to you?

2020/04/19 Takalani Musekwa: The True Gospel of Thomas

The True Gospel of Thomas

2020/04/26 Robert Klynsmith: A leopard CAN change its spots

A leopard CAN change its spots

2020/05/03 Lorna Laister: Shepard Sunday

Shepard Sunday

2020/05/10 Takalani Musekwa: Stephen-Bearing witness to Christ

Stephen-Bearing witness to Christ

2020/05/17 Trevor Weber: You have an Advocate on your side

Trevor Weber: You have an Advocate on your side

2020/05/17 Trevor Weber: You have an Advocate on your side (part 2)

Trevor Weber: You have an Advocate on your side

2020/05/24 Takalani Musekwa: Remembering The Ascension

Takalani Musekwa: Remembering The Ascension

2020/05/31 Takalani Musekwa: Pentecost Service

Full Service

2020/05/31 Takalani Musekwa: Pentecost Service

Sermon Only

2020/06/07 Candida Millar: Life in the Trinity

Candida Millar: Life in the Trinity

2020/06/14 Takalani Musekwa: Pre-Approved for the Kingdom of God

Takalani Musekwa: Pre-Approved for the Kingdom of God

2020/06/16 Youth Day Online Summit

Don't take a sho't left - The challenge of youth: Learning from two young kings (2 Chron. 33 - 35)

2020/06/21 Gill Khoury: 3rd Sunday of Pentecost Service

2020/06/28 Takalani Musekwa: 4th Sunday of Pentecost


Takalani Musekwa: 4th Sunday of Pentecost

2020/07/05 Gladman Ncokazi: 5th Sunday of Pentecost


Gladman Ncokazi: 5th Sunday of Pentecost

2020/07/12 Takalani Musekwa: 6th Sunday of Pentecost


Takalani Musekwa: 6th Sunday of Pentecost

2020/07/19 Johannes Maree: 7th Sunday after Pentecost


Johannes Maree: Where is God?

2020/07/26 Takalani Musekwa: Promise Keeper


2020/08/02 Lova Rafiringason: Feeding of the Five Thousand


2020/08/09 Takalani Musekwa: 10th Sunday after Pentecost


2020/08/16 Takalani Musekwa: Forgiveness-The Essence of the Gospel


2020/08/23 Elmar Roberg: Turning Points


2020/08/30 Thabo Mahasha: Christian Living


2020/09/06 Caleb Makhela: My Brother's Keeper


2020/09/13 Takalani Musekwa: Living the Gospel


2020/09/20 Dawid Labuschagne: Our Hope in Christ


2020/09/27 Takalani Musekwa: Unity in Humility


2020/10/04 Gordon Green: Chasing on to the Finish


2020/10/11 Shaun de Greeff: Feeding the Beast


2020/10/18 Takalani Musekwa: God and/or Caesar


2020/10/25 Takalani Musekwa: The Greatest Commandment


2020/11/08 Takalani Musekwa: Keep watch!


2020/11/01 Chris Khoury: God's poster children


2020/11/15 Elmar Roberg: Our Father's Business


2020/11/22 Robert Klynsmith: The Divine Presence


2020/11/29 Maxwell Pono: The goodness of God

2020/12/06 Takalani Musekwa: Messangers of the Gospel


2020/12/13 Barry Robinson: The third Sunday of Advent


2020/12/20 Chris & Gill Khoury: Advent and You


2020/12/25 Christmas Service


2020/12/27 Takalani Musekwa: Adopted


2021/01/03 Gordon Green: Diversity


2021/01/10 Takalani Musekwa: 1st Sunday of Epiphany


2021/01/17 Thabo Mahasha: God knows you


2021/01/24 Takalani Musekwa: Does God change His mind?


2021/02/07 Ronnie Medupe: God is still in control


2021/02/14 Takalani Musekwa: At face value


2021/02/14 Anxiety and You - Women's Ministry Anxiety Seminar


2021/02/21 Albert Abrahams: The Temptation


2021/02/28 Elmar Roberg: The Transfiguration (part 2)


2021/03/14 Johannes Maree: Born from Above


2021/03/21 Takalani Musekwa: Sealed


2021/03/28 Greg Williams (Palm Sunday Service)



2021/04/01 Gordon Green: Maundy Thursday - A new commandment I give to you


2021/04/02 Kalengule Kaoma: Jesus Had Us In Mind


2021/04/04 Takalani Musekwa: Dead, Buried and Risen


2021/04/11 Caleb Makhela: The Church as Community


2021/04/18 Thabo Mahasha: Who Are You?


2021/04/25 Mark Powell: The Good Sheperd


2021/05/02 Takalani Musekwa: He Lifts You


2021/05/09 Yves Nayna: Persevere In Love


2021/05/13 Will Jesus Return: Ascension Day


2021/05/16 Gill Khoury: Converse With God


2021/05/23 Takalani Musekwa: The Spirit of Pentecost


2021/05/30 Dan Rogers: Living in the Trinity


2021/06/06 Takalani Musekwa: Knowing Jesus


2021/06/13 Thabo Sebolai: Prepare for the Harvest


2021/06/20 Ronnie Medupe: Knitted Together in Love


2021/06/27 Janelle Maytham-Sebidi: Never Lose Hope


2021/07/11 Shaun de Greeff: John The Baptist


2021/07/18 Takalani Musekwa: Trampling On The Ministry Of Christ


2021/08/01 Lova Rafiringason: Restoring the Joy of Salvation


2021/08/08 Lorna Laister: Children of God


2021/08/15 Takalani Musekwa: Slowing Down


2021/08/22 Trevor Weber: Putting On Christ


2021/08/29 Thabo Mahasha: Christian Pharisees


2021/09/05 Elmar Roberg: Jesus Loves Me Even More


2021/09/12 Takalani Musekwa: Son of God


2021/09/19 Gill Khoury: Who is wise among you?


2021/09/26 Thapelo Mokanyane: He Saves The Day


2021/10/03 Takalani Musekwa: Two Are Better Than One


2021/10/10 Gordon Green: The Goodness of God


2021/10/17 Johannes Maree: High Priest Made Low


2021/10/24 Chris Khoury: Once For All


2021/10/31 Caleb Makhela Jnr.: An Invitation


2021/11/07 Takalani Musekwa: Giving: The God-way


2021/11/14 Lorna Laister: Caring for the Underdog


2021/11/21 Angela Bokaba: A Kingdom Not of this World


2021/11/28 Lova Rafiringason: Leadership


2021/12/05 Thabo Mahasha: Prepare Ye The Way


2021/12/12 Shaun de Greeff: Slow But On Time


2021/12/19 Gill Khoury: Freedom Is Coming


2022/01/02 Gordon Green: The Plan


2022/01/09 Elmar Roberg: The Baptism


2022/01/17 Takalani Musekwa: The Wedding Feast


2022/01/23 Trevor Weber: A Jubilee For All


2022/01/30 Caleb Makhela Jnr: The Least Of These


2022/02/06 Gladman Ncokazi: You Are Ready


2022/02/13 Ndate Magwaza: Hope In The Resurrection


2022/02/20 Rosinah Rapetsoa: Living By God's Generosity


2022/02/27 Dr. Dan Rogers: We need to see Jesus?


2022/03/06 Thabo Mahasha: Tempted


2022/03/13 Chris Khoury: Living In God's Presence


2022/03/20 Dawid Labuschagne: Repentance


2022/03/27 Takalani Musekwa: Reconciled


2022/04/03 Lorna Laister: A Most Precious Gift


2022/04/10 Dr. Greg Williams (Palm Sunday Service Livestream)


2022/04/15 Mxolisi Toli: The Passover


2022/04/17 Gordon Green: The Gardener


2022/04/24 Takalani Musekwa: The Believing Thomas


2022/05/01 Angela Bokaba: Fishers of Men


2022/05/08 Johannes Maree: The Good Shepherd


2022/05/15 Thabo Sebolai: Loving Like Jesus


2022/05/22 Elmar Roberg: The Comfort Zone


2022/05/29 Takalani Musekwa: No Matter What


2022/06/05 Caleb Makhela Jnr: The Personal Presence of God


2022/06/12 Thabo Mahasha: The Spirit Speaks


2022/06/19 Ronnie Medupe: Take Heart


2022/06/26 Dan Rogers: Are You Fit For The Kingdom


2022/07/03 Takalani Musekwa: The Gospel According To Jesus


2022/07/10 Takalani Musekwa: Jesus Is The Answer


2022/07/17 Gordon Green: One Thing Is Necessary


2022/07/24 Takalani Musekwa: Our Father


2022/07/31 Caleb Makhela: Are You Self-centered or Christ-centered?


2022/08/07 Kelebogile Sebolai: The Just Shall Live By Faith


2022/08/21 Trevor Weber: Come to Jesus


2022/08/28 Shaun de Greeff: What Really Matters?


2022/09/04 Elmar Roberg: He Knows You


2022/09/11 Takalani Musekwa: He'll Never Leave The One Behind


2022/09/18 Gill Khoury: Parable of the Shrewd Steward


2022/09/25 Thapelo Mokanyane: Do Not Trust In Wealth


2022/10/02 Takalani Musekwa: Increase Our Faith


2022/10/09 Lova Rafiringason: Bloom Where God Plants You


2022/10/16 Johannes Maree: The Loving Power of Prayer


2022/10/23 Rosinah Rapetsoa: God Justifies The Humble


2022/10/30 Takalani Musekwa: He Sees You


2022/11/06 Takalani Musekwa: Is There Life After Death?


2022/11/13 Chris Khoury: We Are His Temple


2022/11/20 Simon Ramodike: Promise Keeper


2022/11/27 Takalani Musekwa: No Matter What


2022/12/04 Thabo Mahasha: The Peace of God


2022/12/11 Takalani Musekwa: Is He The One?


2022/12/25 Takalani Musekwa: Christmas, The Untold Story


2023/01/01 Takalani Musekwa: His Name Is Jesus


2022/01/08 Gordon Green: The Righteousness of God


2023/01/15 Elmar Roberg: Jesus Revealed


2023/01/22 Caleb Makhela: The Light That Shines In The Dark


2023/01/29 Hannie Maree: The Kingdom of Heaven


2023/02/05 Gladman Ncokazi: The Salt of the Earth


2023/02/12 Takalani Musekwa: Healthy Churches


2023/02/19 Thabo Mahasha: Caterpillars and Tadpoles


2023/02/26 Gill Khoury: The Temptation


2023/03/05 Dr. Dan Rogers: Your Faith Will Not Save You


GCI South Africa 60th Anniversary - 12 March 2023