Part 7: On being the Body of Christ
How should the Church of today function? The New Testament does not provide a comprehensive set of rules, but does give certain practices and principles. The Church belongs to Christ and is therefore to function with him as the cornerstone and its foundation being Scripture.
Ephesians 4:1-16 is the main passage of Scripture focused on and elaborates on the Church being one body with many members. The Church must witness to this oneness characterised by diversity.
Part 8: Relationships within the Body of Christ
The Church as the Body of Christ is totally under the authority of the head, Jesus Christ, and in dependent relationship to him. However, members are also to relate to each other. The emphasis in Part 8 is on the relationships between members characterised by differences. It elaborates on the oneness with diversity that operates in the Church, as opposed to the world’s approach of eliminating differences that are perceived as leading to an unjust inequality.
Part 8 also instructs on biblically based judgement and accordingly church discipline that is to be exercised in love and truth.

Dawid Labuschagne - Session 4

Session 4: The Church and its Ministry

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